Umbrella Branding in Kenya

Umbrellla-branding-in-kenyaUmbrella branding. You can look at this as just one more means to put your message out to your customers. But we know better. Umbrella branding is a very effective way of communicating your brand superiority. As a means of establishing presence in your market, branded umbrellas are far more advantageous than most mediums available. Umbrella branding is inexpensive, and tend have a long life span. Your brand therefore has a rear opportunity to be displayed to different markets at different times for a long long time. We have been branding umbrellas for years now – we have therefore developed the requisite experience to do a great job.

We source umbrellas both locally and overseas. It’s therefore unlikely that we can fail avail Umbrellas fitting your specifications. We provide branding services for both garden and golf umbrellas. Get in touch with your specification and we will be happy to provide a competitive quote.