Outdoor Advertising in Nairobi

We have the right tools to boost your outdoor advertising campaigns. It’s an open secret that outdoor advertising is much more effective than most. We’d like to be your partner by providing the platform for your marketing campaigns to excel. Talk to us today

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Billboard rental in Nairobi

We provide some of the best outdoor spaces at competitive prices to our customers. If you’re looking to do a billboard ad campaign, you’re at the right place. We have just the deal to suit your needs. We have the standard 12m x 12m billboards, we also have double decker and backlit billboards in strategic places. Depending on your needs and budget we’ll get you a billboard space at a location that help you deliver your message efficiently.

Streetlight signs rental

Streetlight signs are very effective if strategically placed. Like billboards they’ll give your brand enviable visibility. We have a number of these on prime streets all over Nairobi. We’d love for you to consider hiring some of them and experience the high returns. When you succeed; we count ourselves successful which is why we encourage you to make smart choices when it comes to investing advertising money.

Hoardings spaces for rental

Hoarding provide an excellent reach. It’s the kind of investment that proves profitable every single time. We have a number of these at different strategic locations in Nairobi, and we believe they’re just kind of spaces you should be considering taking up. Talk to us today for a pocket friend quote.