Offset Printing

Offset-Printing-in-KenyaOffset printing is probably the oldest form of printing. Whereas we are currently singing the praises for digital printing offset printing has been here longer and seems more likely to stay. It’s still the most cost effective form of printing currently available in the market today. When bulk printing is required then there’s no better choice than offset printing.

Billboard creations has the requisite resources to provide top quality offset printing in Kenya. This is in the form of competent personnel as well as the machinery. You’re likely to struggle to find our match because on top of top quality print production we boast the best customer service to go with it.

Printed communications not only complement web advertising and social networking but provide many unique marketing advantages. Printing solutions connects with the reader on an emotional level. It is not only seen, but felt, can be carried for later viewing and is very cost effective. When selecting a printing solutions provider one should look beyond the basic triad of quality, price and performance. Marketers and communicators who employ multiple kinds of media can do their jobs more effectively by partnering with a printing solutions provider that offers multiple solutions for those parts of their message best carried in print.