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From keyrings to unique personalized awards our team create almost any gift item to suit your needs. Give a call today, we’d be honoured to serve you.

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Giveaways branding in Nairobi

Billboard Creations designs and produces giveaways and corporate gift items. You can get them in small or large quantities, number doesn’t matter. We can do keyrings, wrist bands, mugs, water bottles, power banks, pens, and even unique personalized awards. It all depends on your budget and specific needs. Just to remind you that our focus on quality does not waver. Rest assured we’ll deliver the highest quality possible. All you need is name and we’ll make sure you have it.

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Mouse pads branding

Mouse pads branding is one of the most effective branding options; and it’s available at cost friendly rates to marketers and business owners. Anyone can own a branded mouse pad. If you’re looking to put your brand in front obsessively in the eyes of your market. Make a constant reminder that your brand exists. Build indomitable brand recognition then mouse pad branding is an option you shouldn’t ignore. Then you may to talk to us about mouse pads. They’ll give you a presence – you can have your brand on every desktop in the country or any part of the world where you operate.

With our digital capabilities you’re able to brand from as little as 5 mouse pads to thousands. This means, you can establish your brand within any budget. There aren’t many other options out there. Giving branded mouse pads a clear advantage over the other options. You can start to proudly display your brand or the logo of your company on the desktop of anyone you wish. Call us today for a quotation for mouse pads branding.

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