Calendar Printing

What’s amazing about calendars is that they literally live in the faces of your potential clients. Kind of forcing them to take in your message day in, day out. You’ll have no better platform to promote your brand. What’s better is that we design and print quality wall, desktop, and shipping calendars. Let’s talk

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Calendar printing in Nairobi

We offer custom quality calendar printing services. Calendars help you promote your brand all year long. We do desktop calendar, shipping calendar as well as wall calendars printing. We guarantee stylish designs, and high-quality printed calendars combined with the unbeatable prices. Our design team will put your brand on your customer’s wall or desk 365 days a year. We promise that the printing quality is top-notch. This way your calendars hanging on several walls and desktops in Kenya make a statement in favour of your brand. Call today and let be the ones doing calendar printing for you this time around. Get in touch, we sincerely hope to hear from you today.

Wall calendars

As the name suggests wall calendars are those that hang on walls in homes, and offices. They can come in different sizes depending on your preferences, or budget. We have capability do from A4  up to A2 sizes. We promise top quality printed wall calendars to match your expectations.

Desktop Calendars

Desktop calendars are probably the most common workplace calendars. This makes them ideal for B2B business. They give you an opportunity to put your brand messages on the desktop and right in front of the key decision makers in the country. Other than just bearing dates, and basic company information – desktop calendars provide ample spaces for you to give additional details of your brand.

Shipping Calendars

Shipping calendars are every bit like wall calendar except that their design is slightly different and of course they’re relevant to those in shipping industry. We have capability to print this kinds of calendars as well. We invite you to try our services today.