Some Helpful Tips for SMEs & Start-ups

Your Growth Depends On It

The bulk majority of our customer base consists of startups, small and medium enterprises. We’re therefore indebted to helping them grow their businesses which in turn will spur us to further growth. This is because a good number of them operate on a very constrained budget. We see them a lot and we can truly identify with their struggles. We feel it is imperative that they make the right decisions about their printing needs much as they need to make right choices about how to go about running their businesses. We realize that at this stage, there’s need for a lot balancing to be done or else you sink even before taking off. This post is dedicated to this category of our customers because like every other customer you are important to us. We’d therefore like to weigh in with the hope of helping you make the right decision. Because we’re acutely aware that your existence is fully dependent on the choices you make.

When you start off there’s a lot of printed materials one needs, namely: business cards, letterheads, flyers, brochures, company profiles, banners, receipt books, invoice books, delivery books, outdoor and indoor signage among others. The list can be longer depending on your perception of what you want or need to run your business. This therefore makes prioritizing your printing needs a must especially if you’re operating on a shoe string budget.

As you grapple with this; you need to be clear on what is really and truly necessary and what can wait. Wait not because it’s worthless but because your business cannot afford it at this moment in time. For example, is it really necessary for you to tie up a good percentage of your marketing budget on logo design or can you invest this on something else whose ROI is a bit more straightforward? Ask yourself before you pay your designer and or printer – do you really need business cards? Once printed what value will business cards add to your marketing efforts? Is it possible you can do without them for a wee bit longer? And when you finally do decide to print them, business cards – how many is a good number to start with? Is it really good for you to print 1000 business cards or can you just do say 100 pieces?

Apply this filtering process to all your printing needs. Do not just order printed materials because it is nice to have. Do it instead because the business really needs it – because it adds value. Do you really need letterheads? Company profile? Brochures or flyers? Receipt books? Invoice books? Delivery books? T-shirts? Caps? Gift items branded or printed? For what, when you don’t even have your first sale yet? Don’t rush into some impulse purchases unless you can justify it! If it wont help propel your business off the ground in a measurable way don’t do it. All these items are important (don’t get me wrong) but determine when to introduce them. Make sure that at the time you pay for printing of any of these items it’s the best use of your infant business’ finances. Don’t produce 1000 business cards when you can do with 100 pieces for starters. The success of your business depends on the choices you make. Make the right ones.

Till next time